Zemanta Upgraded with New UI, Link Reporting, and Link-Building for Users

We are excited to release the next generation of Zemanta. After hearing feedback from thousands of users, we are releasing a complete makeover, and highlighting the “Link Me All Over” campaign a promotional program for our users, which will put them on equal footing with mainstream media by encouraging cross-links among Zemanta users. And to help our users track their success, we’re providing them with comprehensive reports that detail the popularity of their posts.

A Blogger’s Best Friend

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Zemanta is a real-time Content Recommendation service – it’s a companion to your blog editor – it looks over your shoulder, and suggests related articles, pictures, tags, and links – at the very moment that you’re in your creative zone. Use it for inspiration, as a research assistant, or to liven up your post with supporting material.

Zemanta recently celebrated its second birthday and it has been an incredible period. When we started in 2007, Twitter was far from mainstream, the economy was doing alright, the “semantic web” was abuzz, and blogging was all the rage. We’re glad to see blogging continuing its growth trend.

Other trends, such as mobile, social, local, and real-time, have come and changed the web forever, but blogging tools still don’t make it easy enough to discover, enrich, and link the conversations bloggers are initiating. Zemanta remedies that situation by helping bloggers get the most rewarding experience from blogging. What else would you expect from a best friend?

Extreme Makeover – A New Look

Today we are releasing a completely new look & feel for Zemanta; one better suited for the user experience on the highly-regarded platforms we support (Blogger.com, Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, and more) . It’s lighter, faster, and more compact than ever; enriching, inspiring, and saving valuable time while not getting in your way.

You can check out a comparison of the changes from the initial release. We have always focused on making it more actionable, configurable, and less obtrusive.

Zemanta supports 15 of the most popular blogging platforms and is accessible as a browser extension (IE & Firefox), a bookmarklet (Safari & Chrome) or a server-side plugin (for WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, & Joomla).

“Zemanta Links Me All Over” – Cross-Promotion & Reporting


Zemanta is not another “search engine” – our proprietary algorithm uses a combination of contextual analysis and natural language processing to “understand” what bloggers are writing about – and we recommend content from a closed pool of sources.

We’ve started to add feeds from our users, so that the recommendation engine will recommend their posts to other Zemanta users when they write about related topics.

The engine doesn’t know the difference between content from within the Zemanta community and content from mainstream media, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be promoted based on the quality of their writing and contextual relevancy!

What’s more, in the “preferences” section, you will now be able to see a comprehensive report of how many links you received from other Zemanta users, the URLs of posts that linked to you, and some other useful data.

So…What do you think?

These are dramatic changes, and we want to hear what you love about it – and what you might not love about it. Give us a shout at GetSatisfaction, by e-mail, tweet it, or just leave a comment below. Thanks!

Zemanta is venture-backed start-up, a winner of the Seedcamp competition, and funded by Union Square Ventures, Eden Ventures and T.A.G. – The Accelerator Group.

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  • andraz

    So many questions to answer :)

    – GetSatisfaction doesn’t cost any money for you as a user :)

    – Our pool consists of many hand selected and many user-submitted and manually approved. We try to include as diverse content as possible. We’d love to have more sources of your taste in our index, so can you please just send the blogs that you think we should know about. Either here or send an email to support@zemanta.com

    – You can setup your own list of blogs and Zemanta will suggest. All you have to do is go to Zemanta preferences, register and add your own feeds. Later on when you click on “My Sources”, you will have only your feeds recommended.

    – You can submit your own blog for inclusion in Zemanta “global pool”. I can see your blog mpidirect.com already being in a “global pool”. This means your blog posts are surfaced to other bloggers talking about the same topic. However it is their sole discretion to decide if they link to you or not.

    – featuring different users on our blog is now a task of Tilly (tilly@zemanta.com), write her and she’ll see what can be done

    A happy new year 2010 to you too!


  • Guest

    I was going to give y’all a shout at GetSatisfaction, but found it cost money, so didn’t do it. You should warn people about that cost factor.

    I have been using Zemanta for a while now. I find it supplies a fair number of links of interest, but also frequently many of the links are not in keeping with my needs.

    My blog is a politically conservative blog. I find your organization lean toward liberal to very liberal in its choice of content to be supplied.

    As a conservative political blogger, belief in Jesus Christ God is important me and to many in my potential audience. In that vein, when I try to use the word God as a tag, your system requires it be be shown with a low case “g” even when I format it several times with a capital “G.” That’s kind of irritating, folks. (Yes, I hope my use of the words y’all and folks qualifies me as a genuine American redneck.)

    I have noticed no backlinks being established as a result of using your service.
    Since I am trying establish a blog that will throw off some income, I have no interest whatsoever in social traffic since that kind of traffic does not like to read anything that is the tiniest bit deep or contrary to the reader’s belief system (such as it is) and doesn’t buy. I need search traffic and that, according to Google, comes through linking to, getting backlinks from, and doing 3-way links with quality link partners.

    I have nothing against the semantic web (actually I favor what I understand to be the idea) but cannot see how it is helping my efforts at all, so I have just changed over in my preferences on Zemanta to “old fashioned links,” as I believe you refer to them.

    I have just now started going after links in earnest. When I first signed on with Zemanta–your company wasn’t that old then–I wanted to take advantage of your publishing one of my posts on your blog; a service you were offering back then. After it was inspected, I was told at that time by Jure that my blog was not well enough developed for you to accept one of my posts; an assessment I had no trouble accepting. Now I believe it is developed enough but I don’t see where you offer that service anymore.

    I am not writing this to waste time simply being disagreeable. I am writing it for the good that might come of it for both of us.

    Wishing y’all all the best, and a happy and prosperous New Year,
    I am sincerely yours,

    P.S. You will please forgive me for not closely proofreading this post.

  • http://www.krishaweb.com/seo-india.php ROhn smith -Seo Expert

    I have not used this tool sofar.Can I get free trial or something like that..?

  • http://marksnewnormal.com Mark Carbone

    Since I upgraded, it’s not showing up in my gmail. Other than that, this is one of the most powerful tools I’ve used to date for Semantic technology. You guys are doing a wonderful job!!!! It’s a secret weapon to have this tool and a strategic advantage for productivity and relevance.

  • andraz

    Guys at NinjaJoomla are on it! Probably you can expect a new Joomla plugin very soon.

  • greenlinux

    Hi, what is happening for Joomla development with Zemanta?

  • ryannagy

    To a certain extent, I’m still just using Zemanta to quickly add relevant pictures to my blog posts. Looking forward to using more of the features.

    An overview tutorial and perhaps some case-studies of how other’s use Zemanta could be helpful…

    Keep up the great work! – Ryan

  • greenlinux

    I can’t see Zemanta working in Joomla. what is the problem?

  • http://gustrength.com Eric Troy

    OH, thank you! Must be my old eyes! Much appreciated.

    Edit: Ahh..I guess it’s just a matter of there not being relevant content. I’ll be on the lookout for that balloon.

  • http://bostjan.konstrukt.it/ Bostjan Spetic

    Hi Eric,

    zemanta users are marked with little zemanta logo balloons in top-right corner in the recommended articles list…

    best, bostjan

  • http://gustrength.com Eric Troy

    In regards to content from other Zemanta users I would really like to be able to tell, at a glance, what recommended links are to Zemanta users. I know that Zemanta does not want to “rank” content but the truth is I’d RATHER link to other zemanta users when I can but I’m always clicking onto links to check and I hardly ever see an indication that they ARE Zemanta users.

    I think it would be great for Zemanta users to be able to identify other Zemanta users links. That doesn’t mean we have to show preferential treatment, but when the content is appropriate and good it makes it easier to spread the service, etc..

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  • http://roezer.com Roezer

    Thanks I see I use the Search/Refine Function sometimes to Get Some Kind of Inspiration for What I should Write on my Blog

  • http://til.ly/ Tilly McLain

    Its still there, we just call it Refine now. Since its never really been a technically true search, we thought calling it such was misleading.


  • http://roezer.com Roezer

    I can’t See the Search Function on the Upgraded Version of Zemanta what Happened to It

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  • http://til.ly/ Tilly McLain

    Hmm, that’s totally wacky! Thanks for the heads up! Can you send us a screenshot to support @ zemanta . com so we can take a look into whats going on?


  • http://flajer.blogspot.com/ Jasko

    Actually, compared to the screenshot on this site, my Zemanta is missing everything above Media Gallery… I guess that’s the reason I can’t find Update. I’m confused 😀

  • http://flajer.blogspot.com/ Jasko

    I’m sorry but either I’m blind or there is really no Update button? ..cause I really really can’t find it in Blogger..

  • http://til.ly/ Tilly McLain

    @Jasko What features do you feel are missing from our new interface? The Update button is still there, hanging out in the top right hand corner, and multiple language support is still something that is very much on our roadmap :)

  • http://www.horv.at/ Matjaž

    I like.

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  • http://flajer.blogspot.com/ Jasko

    The old one was more usefull but the new one looks better. I can’t find the “update” button anymore and non-english language support is still … absent.