Zemanta Power Users’ Tips from 2012

Throughout 2012, we had a chance to highlight some of our awesome users. This is what they wanted to share with you, our other (potential) users, how to get the most out of Zemanta. Thank you!

“When doing journalistic work I often find additional sources, ways to enhance an article or leads for a new article by looking in the related content links. That area of Zemanta has always been hugely helpful to me. In addition, I just found out that I can use the WordPress Zemanta plugin to assign featured images for posts, which is going to be a huge time-saver in the future.” Aram Zucker-Scharff, HackText

“Use Zemanta from day one. It will save you time and energy. And if you are curious enough it will give you suggestions for the existing blog post and sometimes even ideas for future ones.” Erik Renko, Brands & Films

“I run my primary blog on WordPress, and Zemanta helps me connect with relevant content that works to make the content I’m working on more complete. I also run a creational sustainable blog on Tumblr. It works well for SEO purposes and to help me tap into the huge community in Tumblr made up of other curationists. On Tumblr, Zemanta’s tag suggestion tool is fantastic for getting your content aligned with the right audience. It’s amazing how many users of tumblr are in the dark about their system of tags and how to use them advantageously.

So, offer up your content. The more places your stuff has a chance to show up, the better chance you have of gaining a brand new audience. IF the brightest future of blogging is because of the community, then be a part of the community.” David Pennington, Bend and Brew

“Oh my! Zemanta is great. I don’t have to think about tags, keywords, or inline text links. Zemanta does the work for me. Having the Zemanta window within my blogging platform means I can stay on that page without toggling back and forth to find what I need for my blog post. Gotta love order and simplicity! Also, Zemanta lets me be in control of related content. I can choose to reference my own previously published post or someone else’s.

Looking for more images and not sure what to search for or use to complement your post? Take a hint from Zemanta’s suggested inline text links. Works for me. In one of my posts, I didn’t think to add a certain image until I saw the inline text link.” Jamie aka Model Me Girl

“Helping me from the very beginning was Zemanta. In seconds their program is linking similar topics and images to my current article. In doing so my readers stay longer on our blog. Having the Zemanta program installed on my site gives me a second set of hands. Over the years Zemanta has saved me so much time it is unbelievable.” Bill Cleary, CNBNews

“As I write, I keep a keen eye on the right hand side of my screen, because another source for proving what I’m writing about might pop up. Also, images are there, if I need one, and I sometimes do. I mostly like to buy my photography, if I don’t have my own images; my third point of reference is always Zemanta. Finally, being able to cite other stories that related to my own is valuable. The addition of small snapshot images in my further “Related Articles” from Zemanta is a feature I’ve been really enjoying, too. As my site has evolved and become content rich, so has Zemanta. I’ve enjoyed the relationship a lot.

So, keep a keen eye toward the right hand side of your screen as you write your stories. It will enrich your blog’s content; offering you handy images and additional proof that you’re onto something valuable. Simply hovering over their text offerings, and you might find solid evidence to back up your own theories or explanations.” Jo Diaz, Wine Blog

“I’m impressed with suggested images and related articles! I have no more problems with image rights and I don’t search around anymore to find appropriate photos. It’s all here in one place within WordPress. I also like related articles that offer a greater context for certain blog posts and access to others’ opinions on a related topic. All the tools Zemanta provides are helpful and can make your (blogging) life easier and more carefree.” Jure Doler, Fieldoo

“Zemanta helps me get linked to things relevant to what I am writing about. It’s very easy to link and also to include pictures etc. I remember originally, I used to go search for relevant images to put into my blog post but after I started using Zemanta, all that was a breeze. I also like Zemanta’s related articles feature; it provides some additional information to what I write about.

I always try to ensure the links provided by Zemanta refer to the context of what I am writing about. I know that it is easy to use, but it is the blogger’s responsibility to make sure that the links provided by Zemanta are in the right context for the blog post. I always try to include pictures and related news or other blogs as part of every post. The only power tip is make sure you have the Zemanta plugin for the blogging platform set up right so it does what it was originally intended to do.” Bala Kamallakharan, Startup Iceland

“Zemanta increases my options when it comes to illustrations to break up the text in posts. It suggests articles that link into the content I produce. I like the way it offers links to relevant websites and articles, bringing new layers of depth to my posts. If the first scan doesn’t pick up what you’re looking for, use the search facility, entering the key word(s) you need to illustrate and you’ll get a lot more choice.” Stuart Aken

“My Zemanta tip is to use the in-text links. I’ve noticed a difference in traffic since including them in my posts. The tags for WordPress and using the related posts round out the three main things I use on Zemanta that optimize my blog.” Coral Russell, Alchemyofscrawl

“Zemanta saves me time by giving me access to images and articles for which I would otherwise have to search. Zemanta tells me what I need to do to use a picture and it saves readers time with the related articles feature. The guys at Zemanta are always working to improve everything they do.  If you go to Blog World at BEA you should stop by their booth to learn more. Otherwise my advice is:

  • If you see something like Cannot find editor just retry.
  • Make sure your own blogs are followed for access to your own previous posts.
  • If you are on Blogger and change  a picture’s size you can also change the size of its envelope in HTML mode. There are two width numbers and they should match.
  • Make sure your Amazon affiliation is registered so that when a picture of a book cover says it is from Amazon you can use it as a buy link.” Stephanie, Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust

“Zemanta will increase your search engine presence; look at my 20+ sites that are getting well over 1.5 million hits a month.” Robert Richardson, eComTechnology

“We find that if we use a standard methodology for titling materials, that we can use Zemanta to create specially targeted lists of links. All that is required is a string-format for the beginning of the title, either a document number or date. When you create a new post with that style of title, Zemanta will auto suggest other posts from the same category and style, helping you create more targeted lists.” Lucas Whitefield Hixson, Enformable

“Become an Amazon affiliate. Zemanta works very well with Amazon and allows you to link to products which in term may help blogs generate revenue. Also, make sure to add your own site to the sources section so you can link to other content on you blog/site.” Richard Butler, My Take Radio

“Zemanta both saves me time by effortlessly making images and related content available to me and enhances my own content with the resources provided. It’s intuitive, and takes most of the work out of adding interest to my blog posts. When I find an image I wish to use, I right-click rather than left-click it, which gives me the freedom to then scroll through my work and choose the most appropriate place to paste it. Also, I adjust image size after I insert it into a post by clicking back into the image and adjusting the size percentage, so it doesn’t overwhelm the text.” Stephanie Bernaba, Momma Be Thy Name

“Take the time to setup your Zemanta account and fill out the preferences as completely as possible. By setting up your own profile you can improve the relevancy of the service’s suggestions while also saving yourself time.” Michele Neylon, Blacknight


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    Hi Nenad – I noticed that Zemanta is pulling an image from a related content post into the top of my blog post. How do I stop that from happening? I don’t know if the original source is using a picture that is free to use commercially and I don’t want to be held liable for the image. I like the thumbnail images with links to related blog posts but I don’t understand why my blog is pulling an image from the related blog post and putting it on top of text I originally wrote. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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