Zemanta mashes with Guardian to create Topic researchr demo

The Guardian newspaper is one of the most respectable news brands in the world and carries a wealth of articles, news reporting and other quality content. Today they announced Guardian Open Platform API, that allows application developers to leverage this information in their applications.

To explore their new API, we built our own mashup on top of it by combining Zemanta API with Guardian API to create Guardian topic researchr.

Zemanta's Guardian Researchr

It’s an interactive topic explorer around Guardian’s articles. The way it works is that you search for a certain term (using Guardian API), resulting articles are then sent through Zemanta’s Semantic API, to extract main concepts from articles. You can then explore these concepts further in a seperate window or view and filter articles.

Give Guardian topic researchr a try and let us know in the comments what you think and if you’re application developer, don’t forget to check out Guardian Open Platform API as well as Zemanta’s Semantic API.

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  • http://www.digital-constructions.com/blog/blog.html Ed Richardson

    Interesting, hopefully we’ll see more of this exploratory investigation with more media owners opening up API’s for their vast amounts of data.

    Hats off to The Guardian for embracing this and well done to Zemanta for seizing the opportunity.

    This kind of collaborative approach should be beneficial to all.