Zemanta API early preview release

A few short months after our first initial release to public, we bring you next early preview. This time of our API access. For those who don’t know what API means – it’s Application Programmable Interface and it allows application developers to use our contextual matching suggestion technology in their own applications.

Our API allows you to use simple RESTful interface to get suggested Images, Articles, Tags and Links in a structured format (XML, JSON, ..) for a given piece of text. To get access just navigate to http://developer.zemanta.com and sign-up. We have libraries and code snippets for all the major language prepared.

zemanta developer portal

If all this is not something you’re interested in, but would love to see Zemanta in your application, just ask author of that application to visit http://developer.zemanta.com and get in touch with us.

Zemanta Pixie

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