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  • Terence Weldon

    Thanks for the response.

    Sadly, I can’t send a screen shot of the broken links – I’ve already manuallyt corrected them. If it happens again, I’ll send that screen shot.

    The “recommended content” problem is exactly as you surmise – the little widget in the create – new post. Sometimes, there are error messages, sometimes just nothing at all, Just before placing the comment, I was particularly irritated because there was a minimal response – just to show a narrow white band underneath the recommended content box, where normally that content would appear – but nothing actually in it.

    Apologies for my earlier peevishness. When Zemanta works correctly (which is most of the time), it’s great: but that just makes all the more irritating when, just as I’ve become accustomed to its value, it let’s me down.

    The only part that I find seriously disappointing, in fairness, is the recommended pics. It’s very seldom that I see any that really are relevant or suitable.

  • zemanta

    Hey Terence!

    Hm, we would definitely like to hear more about that, really! Could you point us in a direction where these broken links are still published (if not already deleted)? And that “R Zemanta” is also a mistery we’d love to hear more about. Any chance you could snap us a screenshot? :(

    By “recommended content” — you mean our widget in the create-new-post page, right? Do you get any error messages or does the widget not load at all?

    Please let us know what’s going on exactly and we’ll do our best to help you out! Here’s my email address:

    Looking forward to your reply! Take care & have a nice day!


  • Habib Ullah Manjotha

    I find zementa a very handy tool for publisher-like bloggers who engage visitors with more content.

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  • Terence Weldon

    I was once very pleased with Zemanta, but now – less so. On a recent post, I have just found that some of of the links that were placed, just weren’t working, leading instead to a URL that began “R Zemanta”, or similar – and of course, could not be found.

    I’m also finding that quite often, the “recommended content” just doesn’t open. Sometimes there’s an apology, but sometimes – nothing (as this morning).

  • dusano

    Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Zemanta very much.

  • Soy un Gnomo

    Zemanta is the best related post tool 😀

  • Juan Manuel Garrido

    Thanks for this awesome infographic. I will try Zemanta now! :)