Who Says You Should Never Talk about Yourself and Your Business?

It’s amazing. Absolutely unbelievable how many businesses are still bragging and not blogging.

Puppy looking into mirror
I’m so pretty and I want everybody to know. Will they listen?

Ask yourself.
What TV shows do you like to watch?
What movies do you like to watch?
What newspapers do you like to read?
What magazines do you like to read?

Now ask yourself why?

One reason is because they don’t talk about themselves all the time.

First time bloggers (and so do many veterans) though tend to do this. It’s understandable. We believe in our products and services. We know they’re good and helpful to our target audience. We want to make sure that they know that too. We want to let the world know that we’re good and why we’re good, why they should trust us.

These are all normal human desires. I mean, does it make sense that after all the time, energy, money and effort we put in opening business and developing products and services to not talk about them at all? After all, that’s what blogs on blogging and content marketing are telling us not to do.

It doesn’t make sense, right? You’re right. But you’re also wrong.

Indeed. Based on all posts on the Internet about how and what to blog to boost your business, you may get an impression that talking about your company and its products and services is almost forbidden, unwanted, it brings bad luck, it’s wrong.

We’ve been so occupied with making sure that bloggers, especially business blogs really write what their customers need, want. In the process we’ve forgotten to include that talking about oneself, one’s business, and especially products and services, isn’t 100 per cent verboten. How else can your target audience learn about them, especially if your blog is their main source of information. And can you imagine Lamborghini’s blog without mentioning Lamborghinis?

It’s about healthy balance, just like everything else in life. When losing weight (the healthy long-term way), you learn that you can eat a piece of cake from time to time. It’s not like they’re eternally banned from your life. No, it’s about balanced diet. So, it is about balanced blogging.

Help your (potential) customers. Yes. But from time to time also tell them why your business, your products/services are so great. Just don’t boast. Include them in interesting stories. That’s all it is to it.

Find your balance!

How do you include your products/services directly into your blog posts? What works best for you? Please do share!

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