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Video has always been dear to Zemanta – our early roots lie in making video more discoverable on the web. That’s why a year ago we became excited when we heard from Hannah Eaves of LinkTV that they are researching how to use closed captioning and structured semantic data to create better video player with superior discoverability.

LinkTV is an organization with a noble goal of creating and highlighting the video stories of the world that are important, but are being neglected by big media. But more than that, LinkTV is using the bleeding edge technology to do so.

Their initial idea was to use strong identifiers from Freebase that are returned by Zemanta API to semantically describe videos and organize them. We offered our help in getting the most out of our text understanding API and we were curious where the prototypes will lead.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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Finally a week ago the big news broke – Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is going to support LinkTV’s effort to launch, a YouTube for social change! will utilize technologies from Freebase, OpenCalais and Zemanta to crate the semantic backbone for the media experience.

We’re looking forward to work with LinkTV and help them leverage the semantic technologies to create a digital-media hub on global development. Stay tuned, it launches this summer!

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