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With all the hoopla around BlogWorld, we didn’t get a chance to post last week, but there’s lots of good stuff to report this week. We are starting off with the report of the year, the one and only state of the blogosphere by Technorati.


State of the Blogosphere 2011  (via Technorati)

A large number of respondents who are blogging more are driven by both personal and professional benefits to do so. Along with their interactions with their audience, many Corporate bloggers (64%) and Entrepreneurs (73%) say they are blogging more because it has proven to be valuable for promoting their business and also valuable to their profession (60%)


What I learned from a month of blogging and 250k visits (Via The Startup Toolkit)

Roughly a month ago, I decided to give blogging another try, in earnest. I put out an article most days and up to 3 per day when I was experimenting with new channels. It has been fascinating. That being said, this is not a post about blogging tactics. It’s about what the experience has taught me about startups.


How to Use Content to Find Customers (Via Copyblogger)

Raise questions. Poke around at pain points that you can address in later content. Tell stories that resolve objections. But be subtle about it. The purpose of this content is to get your audience into a receptive state of mind before they start hearing any overt sales messages from you.


Why Real Time Business Blogging is Cool (via Jeff Korhan)

At the BlogWorld Expo last week we learned from a Technorati survey that the majority of bloggers are hobby bloggers.  Only 13% classified themselves as entrepreneurs who blog to support their business.



10 Free Blog Topics to Help You Get Your Blog On (via For Bloggers by Bloggers)

I’m A Blogger And I’m Proud, Dammit! You know what it’s like to be a blogger – we often get caricatured as lonely, failed writers. But some of the best content around – books, print magazines, etc – is coming from the blogosphere. Offer why blogging is important and why it’s one of the most creative spheres to be in.


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments! Have a great weekend!

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