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Here’s another great week’s worth of  cool posts that caught our attention including a post by our friend Sam Fiorrela. We’re busy getting ready for next week’s BlogWorld in LA and look forward to sharing more exciting news from the blogosphere next week right from the conference floor.

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12 Most Successful Corporate Blogs (Via The 12 Most)

This is a great example of a blog mimicking the real-life, in-store experience through imagery, content and themes. Content focuses on improving the customer’s lifestyle rather than selling products. Further, I’d swear that there are real-time conversations going on between the bloggers and their customers.


Legal Guide for Bloggers (Via Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Like all journalists and publishers, bloggers sometimes publish information that other people don’t want published. You might, for example, publish something that someone considers defamatory, republish an AP news story that’s under copyright, or write a lengthy piece detailing the alleged crimes of a candidate for public office.


The Shady Marketing Scheme Buying off your Favorite Bloggers (via Gawker)

There’s the plan: get paid under the table to insert links to advertisers in editorial content; if you’re caught, just remove the links without a word; if not, continue to get “paid handsomely.” According to Mr. Clark, this is already happening at some of the most popular media sites on the internet—with or without the boss’s knowledge.


Finding Your Blog’s Niche  (via For Bloggers by Bloggers)

If you are struggling with your niche, it could be because you are not organised. Go and open a new Google Doc and keep it open in a tab. On this document note your ideas, your thoughts. Add links that catch your eye and note why. In being organised you can start to see patterns and identify who you are blogging for (it’s either yourself or your audience ;) )


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments! Have a great weekend!

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