What Kind of Blogger Are You? 7 Different Blogger Types Explained.

No blogger is the same. Every blog we read from our users has something unique and different: it might be a name, an unusual writing style, great photos, or an extraordinary topic. Uniqueness makes a blog interesting or actually, the person behind it does.

blogger types

But however different we all are, we also have some similarities as bloggers. Most research on bloggers focus just on the blog’s content or the blogger’s interest.

We tried to go a bit further. Beside connecting our bloggers based on their blogging interests, we wanted to understand and connect the similarities between their blogging styles and their attitudes towards blogging.

7 different blogger types:

We’ve identified seven different types of bloggers based on what they write about and how they do it. Personas are interconnected; just about one third of all bloggers fit in a single persona, others most often switch between at least two.

I blog about life in general and its enjoyments.

hedonist blogger type

Hedonists promote different lifestyles to enrich people’s daily routines. They are emotional and are not afraid to express feelings or reach out to others.

Tags: food, travel, sex, shopping, life, entertainment


I’m fascinated by new technologies and its applications to various personal and professional fields.

techie blogger type

Techies don’t get much satisfaction from the writing process, but enjoy spreading their word, sharing knowledge and educating.

Tags: IT, gaming


Blogging is part of my job. 

professional blogger type

Professionals present accomplishments and seek feedback from their followers. For them, blogging is all about making connections.

Tags: corporate, consultants, belletristics, copywriters


I comment on current topics in a certain field.

preacher blogger typePreachers enjoy sharing content and interacting. They are all about studying content, presenting key viewpoints and opening a platform for further discussion.

Tags: politics, religion, culture, news, activism


I give instructions to followers (readers) on how to make life better.

life improver blogger type

Life improvers share know-how, give support and instruct people how to improve their life.
Tags: DIY, sports, health, psychology


I’m interested in everything beautiful and always on the hunt for aesthetic objects.

beauty hunter blogger type

Beauty hunters create or promote beautiful things, educate others and exchange opinions.
Tags: art & design, fashion, beauty, photography


I’m blogging about my experience with life’s tasks.

life stager blogger type

Life stagers are focused on life task situations, such as parenting, student life, marriage, senior life, etc. They are focused on emotional benefits of blogging. They search for help or they want to share their experience and make someone else’s life easier.

Tags: mommy, student, senior… topics


Comparison of types

Some bloggers are more rational, others more emotional. Also they differ in the process of creating content – some are thinkers (studying concepts, collecting knowledge), others are doers – those who prefer to collect experiences and write about them.

all blogger types


Our conclusions are based on the preliminary research survey What kind of blogger are you? The results are based on responses of 200 bloggers who used Zemanta in May 2012. We are now running an extended survey on a bigger sample and soon we’ll present you some interesting findings.

Thanks to all our bloggers who’ve taken part. Special thanks for all the comments and product improvement suggestions. We are taking it seriously. Also, if you get a chance, please check out our latest plugin Zemanta Related Posts.

So, what do you think about 7 personas we propose? Do you recognize yourself in one (or maybe two)? What kind of blogger are you?

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