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Your text is polished and WordPress Related posts plugin is activated to take care of automatically adding related posts from your blog to your post. You’re done and ready to publish, but are you really?

Don’t hit the Publish button just yet – take a look at the following checklist first and then publish like a pro.


Publish like a pro checklist

  1. Check your spelling and grammar, at least for the most obvious things. You don’t want a random grammar nazi to pick on you, do you?
  2. Admit it, a beautiful quality image makes even mediocre post look better. You know that so you inserted this perfect image you found on Google.
  3. Are there any links in your post? Don’t fear them, but don’t abuse them either. Everybody hates spam, even the Penguin.
  4. Have you been inspired by posts from other bloggers and didn’t link out to their posts? Of course you can link only to your own posts, but this is like taking photos on a unforgettable road trip with friends and ending up with tons of selfies – of you. Not convinced? Keep reading why hand picked posts are better.
  5. You probably already use search engine optimization. I ‘d like to assume you’re not one of those SEO spammers who think that keyword stuffing, cloaking and other black hat SEO tactics are totally acceptable. Any form of spam is bad – bad for the Internet and eventually bad for you. Sure, our plugin makes it easier for you to find relevant content, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to decide whether something is relevant to your topic or not. Play it safe and read Beginner’s guide to SEO and Google’s SEO starting guide [PDF] before you do something stupid.

How did you do?

Automatic posts are nice, hand picked are better

We’re quite sure that once you start using our plugin you’ll be quite happy with related posts that are automagically added to your post after publishing. Awesome, isn’t it?

I wonder though… do you really want to end up with something like this?

Automatically added related posts

What about giving relevant exposure to other bloggers… to get exposure? You don’t even have to give up on links to your own blog, but only if you are part of our network.

Manually picked related posts from around the web and your own blog

Check our guidelines if your blog fits into Zemanta blogging network. If you blog in English, you can find related posts from around the web below the editor and easily add them to your post.

Insert posts from around the web

One post, two posts, many posts, a habit

One post will not bring you a ton of readers, neither will two or three, but don’t give up. If you keep up with publishing good content this might change.

One way to achieve consistency is to turn blogging into a habit. Do you know how long it takes to form a new habit? I didn’t and now I learned that it doesn’t happen over night. Two simple tips to help you with forming your blogging habit are:

  • build traction by blogging on consecutive days or
  • create a series of posts and schedule them.
Are you one of those bloggers who link exclusively to their own blog posts? Why?

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  • Samuel

    Same problem. I couldn’t see how to link to my posts but i noted they are appear automatically at the bottom of my post. Most likely because they are in the same category.

  • Julie

    sorry I don’t buy it. I don’t want all the other posts showing while I am writing. how do I turn it off so other posts don’t keep spinning around at the bottom of the post while I type. There is not anything worth linking to in my field.

  • Stephen Ripley

    Thanks very much. That works.

  • Mirre

    Hey, I’m not from Zemanta, but yes you can change it. Go to Settings -> Related Posts. Under the title “Basic Settings” you can change the “Number of posts”. Good luck!

  • Peter

    Hi, fantastic plugin…
    two questions please:
    Is there a possibility to use it on pages ?
    If visitors klick on the photos they receive a broken link, if they klick on text it s ok

  • Stephen Ripley

    Hi Zemanta,
    I like your Related Posts plug-in. It’s definitely an improvement over what we had on our site.
    One question, though: Is there some way to limit the number of related posts shown?
    We just installed it and there always seems to be six related posts shown at the bottom of our new posts, which is one too many for our column width. Looks sloppy to have a row of five, then one extra one below it.
    Is there some way I can change the default to five (or even four) related posts?

  • opulenceasia

    My website is relatively new & i tried using outbrain & limk…. even after doing everything as per their website still it takes ages to start using it… Zemanta installed in a jiffy & works great. I will certainly recommend more webmasters to start using this plug in. Great work !!

  • Crystal Paradis

    Is there a way to get these Related Posts on a Page (not post)?

  • WriterDave

    I just installed this on my site and love it already! I used to use nRelate, which was a great product, and was sad to see it go. When one door closes another opens though :).

    It’s nice to see that you put so much care and consideration, not only into your plugin but also educating everyone on the advantages of building a community; It’s definitely a rarity in today’s marketplace.

    Thank you for your hard work, I’ll be linking to your site in the future, not only in my posts (something I’ve always believed in) but also in your fine product. :)

    Have a great new year!

  • Alena Belleque

    Interesting. I always heard you shouldn’t link away from your own work in that section (though of course linking out in the post itself is another story, and good), but I like the idea of being able to link to my own posts AND related posts from others. Question —> Are the only posts available ones from other bloggers using Zemanta? Or if I know a blogger who’s not using it and has a post that would be good to link to, can I do that?

  • Janet Rossi

    Got it. I always find a bug or two after I publish… I never promote anything until after 4 days have past and I look it on mobile, on a desktop on a laptop on a plane on my xbox in a brewery….well…you know. So far so good.

  • VickiArta Skipper

    Well, had it on this blog for a long time, just never activated it. Will try today!

  • Dr.Annamaria Grabowski

    mateja, your ideas & visions are so hilarious. Chapeau!
    my Problem is that Point: i am bot able to install zemantha again
    i am stumbling always about “litte” steps like the first step: HOW
    annamaria curi56