Meet The Team – Casual Fridays: Jure Ham

This summer we added a number of new folks. One of the superstars that joined is Jure Ham who’s already come out with some amazing work mostly on front-end improvements and some fun hacks, like this awesome Chrome extension!

Jure Ham

Here’s Jure’s report:

Hi, I’m the new Jure at Zemanta. The third one I think. I was born, raised and schooled in Ljubljana. At the moment my schedule is evenly divided between my bachelor degree in computer science and work at Zemanta. I followed Zemanta from its early days mainly because it was one of the first technology startups in Ljubljana(and because it’s hard to miss Andraz in the city that small). I started working here as a summer intern and I’m continuing as a part timer.

My biggest programming influence is my younger brother who outran me for quite a few years and made me work really hard to keep up.

– Team Google or Team Apple? Explain!

I’m a big open source fan so Google is a bit closer to my hart. They are not doing everything right, but they are much closer to my ideals then Apple.

Some of the blogs that I frequently follow are The Skeptics Guide to Universe, Reasonable Doubts and Merseyside Skeptics Society.

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