June release: support for Drupal, MySpace, Tumblr and Ning

Just before the summer heat kicks in we are releasing a refresh of our services, fixing some legacy issues and expanding our reach to four new platforms: Drupal, MySpace, Tumblr and Ning. We also upgraded Reblog and generally improved stability and responsiveness.

New platforms

By popular demand we’ve expanded the platform support with first non-traditional blogging platforms. Bloggers using Drupal, MySpace, Tumblr and Ning can now leverage our service as well. This adds up to 9 major supported platforms.
This is a significant development, since most of us use more than just one of these platforms. Chances are you are using Drupal for work, Ning for a side project and Myspace for private stuff. Zemanta will be available to you whenever you need it with just one install!

Drupal – now you can enhance all of your content. We support all of the content writing screens. We have both Drupal Zemanta plugin and a Browser extension support.

Zemanta running on Drupal

MySpace – you can enhance your MySpace blogs.

Zemanta running on myspace

Ning – blogs are now supported. Since there is no graphical editor for Ning, it’s a bit more of text as the other platforms.

Zemanta on Ning

Tumblr – we support enhancing of Text tumbls.

Zemanta running on Tumblr


This release features greatly improved reblog service. We’ve simplified it so you can create rich quote-based posts with just a few clicks.

The reblog button also has two new features: firstly it’s a brand new design that should look nice on most of blog themes, and secondly reblog now works correctly also for feed-readers (e.g. Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.).

Updated reblog

Zemanta Reblog

New reblog buttons

Signature pixie

General updates:

  • Zemanta widget is now much faster on all platforms.
  • Related articles don’t have [via Zemanta] text anymore.
  • Plugins for MovableType and WordPress got updated to not clash with installed Browser add-on anymore
  • Both Firefox and Internet Explorer add-ons are upgraded for improved performance and stability, and to better support new platforms
  • Link detection got an upgrade
  • Picture search should find less false positives now (40% error rate reduction for those who care about such benchmarks :)
Zemanta Pixie

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  • http://seopilot.ru/ seopilot

    Thank you this nice post.

  • keke


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  • http://www.color-chart.org color_chart

    LOL.. No the problem I was getting was with strtr() on a script that i wrote myself… It wasnt related to zemanta at all… I was just too eager in finding the cause i wrongly assumed it was.. I currently have no problem with zemanta :)

  • andraz

    Well we would definitely like to fix whatever prevents it from working for you. So can you describe the problem a bit further?

  • http://www.color-chart.org color_chart

    Not at present although I dont use it all that much… Thanks :)

  • andraz

    So we can rest assured that this works for you?

    any other problem with Zemanta?

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • http://www.color-chart.org color_chart

    no it was quite a while ago… sorry i got mixed up.. I was thinking of a different error that i caused myself sorry

  • andraz

    Hmm, we have already fixed that issue. It should propagate automatically to users, except if they don’t have drupal’s cron set up properly.

    Was this a fresh installation?

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • http://www.color-chart.org color_chart

    strtr() [function.strtr]: The second argument is not an array

    i was looking forward to playing with this too :(

  • http://www.consciousvibe.co.za Haroun Kola

    This is great. Now if only I can get my zemanta drupal module to work. I’m getting a:

    warning: strtr() [function.strtr]: The second argument is not an array. in /usr/home/conscioi/public_html/modules/syslog/syslog.module on line 106.


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  • jure

    Adding support for group tumble’s sounds easy enough. We’ll try to have that in for our next release in a few weeks.

    Regarding the other types, we work best with at least paragraph of text, so we’re a bit vary of supporting links or images. But we’ll reevaluate it.

  • http://boxofmeat.net/ J.D.

    Hi! This sounds like an extremely useful tool.

    I just installed the Firefox plugin. While it does work on my personal tumblog, it doesn’t work on my group tumblog — which is where I actually post. I’m guessing it just needs to recognize http://www.tumblr.com/group/###/new/text rather than only looking for http://www.tumblr.com/new/text ?

    Also, it’d be great if the zemanta service worked for other types of tumblr posts; almost everything on boxofmeat.net is a link, with some additional commentary & links in the description section.

    I’ll look forward to the next version….

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  • http://www.lauralovesart.wordpress.com Laura Iriarte

    Question, do we need to download anything new to take advantage of these new features?

    ~Laura Iriarte/aka lauralovesart

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