I’ve installed WordPress Related Posts plugin, now what?


Want to attract readers to your blog? Provide them with something worth reading. Blogging is a process of endless researching and editing, because writing a good story takes time and effort, but don’t overthink it.

Most bloggers have to deal with challenges of how to

  • create quality content,
  • create enough of it,
  • make it engaging!

While we can help you with the first two, we can do so much more about the last one by suggesting you interesting related content you can use to enrich your blog post.


Are you stuck? Need an idea for your next post?

Use plugin’s search to explore related content by other bloggers from around the web. Get inspired.

Search with Related Posts plugin

Originality matters!

Stealing content from others (plagiarism is plain ol’ stealing) won’t get you a badge of honor, no matter how hard you try. Reposting content from others is cheating – even if you add attribution to original authors. Many services, including Technorati and Zemanta, consider such un-original repostings as poor quality content.

Next step: Ready to publish?

What do you think about reposting? Share your thoughts.

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  • technoage

    where is this statistic button?

  • Zauti Jer

    I have a question. how do select which post to show? right now, it show all posts under allowed category. For example, i created post about desktop and notebook. I want desktop post only show related post which related to desktop (desktop RAM, desktop harddisk) and while post on notebook, i want to show related post which related to notebook parts.

  • http://whoissandymoore.com/ Sandy Moore

    I’ve been using Zemanta for quite a few years now and make sure I always recommend it to my clients when building their websites.
    In regard to re-posting….. I wouldn’t say don’t do it at all, however I do think it’s a good alternative when you don’t have time to submit your own original content to your website.

    Don’t over do it though…. everything in moderation.

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  • Pingback: ????????????WordPress??????Browser Shots - 50????blog

  • Sonali

    can we limit related posts display ? for eg. I want only links from specific sites. Because there is somany posts come and i want only most related posts from my choosest sites.

  • James Austin

    How could I resize the thumbnail size? For example, it is showing 100 x 100px now and I want to show 100 x 110px instead of that. Where should i need to make change?

  • http://hirejordansmith.com Jordan Smith

    I really like the look and feel of this plugin. Can this plugin be used on high traffic websites? I know that many related posts plugins are not recommended for high traffic but I didn’t see this one on any of those lists. Thanks!

  • http://www.mytipshub.com/ M.Imran Nazish

    Generating a quality content is really a hard work in blogging you need to spent a lot of time for this purpose and i thinks its one hard thing in blogging.

  • Mila

    Zemanta, it looks there is some problem with plugin WP Related Posts. When I published my posts, it worked some time. Thumbnails were formed on my attached images. But later they turned out just as abstract images. It is not nice. Please, help us.

  • http://itsfoss.com/ Abhishek Prakash

    I find it kind of weird that Zemanta doesn’t use Zemanta’s related posts plugin itself 😛

  • eric_s07

    This is a terrific plugin. I’ve been using Zemanta for a long time and I couldn’t be happier with it. Also, it’s great to see that the development team is so committed with it, since they release updates on a regular basis with long-requested features. There are some things here and there that can be improved, but overall, my experience with the Zemanta plugin was really positive.

  • http://www.softwarestake.com/ John Carter

    Thank you… for this awesome plugin :)

  • Frida

    This is the best plugin ever. I really appreciate your design and can’t thank you enough. I love, love, love your plugin. Thanks. Is there any way that I can donate some money?

  • leo milanesio

    what´s is de shortcode please!!!!!

  • http://stockbuz.net/ Kos

    I installed and used the plug in last week but this week it disappeared. This happened to me a few years ago as well on a different blog in WordPress[dot]com. My WordPress dashboard also does not have a “plugin” as shown in one of your demonstrations. Has something changed with your relationship with WP or could it be a browser issue? Using FF 35.0 (and I checked; yes it’s “enabled” in FF)

  • nicole

    Was there ever a solution to this?

  • http://www.thenerdynurse.com/ The Nerdy Nurse

    I have this as well. Need an answer.

  • http://ngaytho.info/ Di?n ?àn NgayTho.info

    thank you wordpress , thank you zemanta .

  • http://www.ricardodasilva.fr Ricardo Da Silva

    Thank you for this plugin.

  • http://wildmoz.com Wildmoz

    Hi all you clever people. Thanks for a great tool.

    “Plug” I’m a writer, my husband is the artist, so we deliver ‘great content’, the name of our game.

    And thanks a lot 😉

  • Chelsea

    Hi there
    I need help Looking for a creative frienldy wordpress woo commerce Directory portal any recommendations?

  • Karan

    How do I get it displayed on all pages, and not only on posts. I am using widget on footer. Please help.

  • http://latribugamer.es/ latribugamer

    Same problem

  • Andreas

    can the plugin also return links to pages instead of post ? There can i change that?

  • Ashley

    thanks for the plugin – but I’m having the same problem as John Roberts and Nisha are having. What was the solution to their issues please? I’d like to figure it out it’s a bit frustrating.

  • http://OnlineOnTheAir.Com/ OnlineOnTheAir.Com

    ‘Trying this out for the first time and looking forward to connecting with everyone. Where can I find the subscribe to newsletter plugin you are using above and this great compact 4 social networks share comment box? Thank you. All of the best to you and yours today! OnlineOnTheAir.Com

  • moviefree

    i have this prob

  • http://www.localledge.com jerdei

    example of sites taking whole articles plates55 dot com , savenkeep dot com

  • http://www.localledge.com jerdei

    So what can you do when others are using your plugin to steal peoples content. I have a few sites that are now ripped off from people using Zemanta to copy my content that I spent hours writing.

  • CreateAMasterpiece

    Hey Zemanta,

    I installed your plugin on recommendations of nRelate (they suspend their service) and it works perfectly. I had to edit CSS a bit and it looks fantastic now on my desktop site version.

    One question to you:

    I noticed that when I enter enter my mobile version of the site, Zemanta related articles don’t fit the screen and they are not responsive (comparing to Shareaholic as they have perfect responsive plugin and it fits the screen despite the screen resolution, but I don’t want to use them for some personal reasons).

    I’ve attached a screenshot with a sample of how the page look on mobile web browser, I use Nexus 5. (I blurred post titles not to make any promo of my site). As you see I chose to display 4 tiles and one of them goes under the others.

    Is there any way you can fix it?


  • Deb

    I have the same problem that John Roberts is having. Assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Doug Sand

    Stealing? No I wouldn’t call it Stealing unless you are using someone else’s posted article for the sole intent of profit without sharing. I post a lot of news articles all around the web to get the information to people who would otherwise never get to see it. It is a way of sharing events, comments, ideas, and discoveries that need to be seen or heard about. Bloggers are the reporters of the internet! If we don’t do or say anything about what is going on all around us, then we will be no better than the news media giants that have been paid off to not report on certain things leaving a lot of people uneducated in those matters.

  • Orlando Suero

    Very good plugins

  • schaum

    We love u !!!! m/

  • Haikal


  • Ângelo Machado

    copy content citing the source is considered plagiarism?

  • Sol Erwin Diaz

    Great plugin. Thank you.

  • nen

    Cool look but won’t it lead your reader out of your blog?

  • John Roberts

    Nevermind, figured it out. Pays to go to the right place. 151×151, first image, not featured image. Lovin the plugin.

  • John Roberts

    What a nice plugin! I am having a small problem that needs to be fixed and am wondering if it’s on my end. The thumbnails displayed by the plugin are ok for some posts and aren’t for others. Is there a size issue? All of the posts have featured images attached (200px-200px) on the backend so I’m just a little confused.

    Here’s a screenshot: post 2,3,4 are showing your images. Is there a fix? Love the plugin though!

  • http://dpgdj.dothome.co.kr/ ronelyrock

    thank you. very much!

  • thohir

    Thank you..

  • AngelbOy

    muchas gracias usandolo

  • Nacivil23

    Thank you

  • Nacivil23


  • http://www.go4word.co.za Go4Word

    What a cool plugin, will definitely be trying it out!

  • Shahin

    i installed your related post plugin but its not working. nothing happened. even tried to add the short code to my theme but still nothing. any idea why?

  • Michael Mark

    muy bueno la verdad excelente