I’ve installed WordPress Related Posts plugin, now what?


Want to attract readers to your blog? Provide them with something worth reading. Blogging is a process of endless researching and editing, because writing a good story takes time and effort, but don’t overthink it.

Most bloggers have to deal with challenges of how to

  • create quality content,
  • create enough of it,
  • make it engaging!

While we can help you with the first two, we can do so much more about the last one by suggesting you interesting related content you can use to enrich your blog post.


Are you stuck? Need an idea for your next post?

Use plugin’s search to explore related content by other bloggers from around the web. Get inspired.

Search with Related Posts plugin

Originality matters!

Stealing content from others (plagiarism is plain ol’ stealing) won’t get you a badge of honor, no matter how hard you try. Reposting content from others is cheating – even if you add attribution to original authors. Many services, including Technorati and Zemanta, consider such un-original repostings as poor quality content.

Next step: Ready to publish?

What do you think about reposting? Share your thoughts.

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  • http://www.marjoriecarvalho.com.br Olavo Zapata

    It’s a nice plugin, but I would like to use in pages as well. Would be easy if have shortcodes…

  • http://www.about.me/jibzvava Jibin Jacob

    How to get recent posts on related posts plugin automatically ?

  • http://badikhabar.com Deepa

    Thanks… this is good..

  • Amandine Newman

    Hi, is it possible to display the plugin in a widget on a side bar ? If so how can we do it ? thanks in advance, Amandine

  • David Dutch

    No Its not. There is always someone who bleats out this answer to sound as if they know. If it were plagiarism all the news channels would be guilty of it as they draw information from Reuters and quote the source.

  • Ronak

    how to add space before relate posts? it is very close to my social buttion
    Hoppiing for the ansder

  • Stefano Martini

    Hi, can be used in widget?

  • MaxPeerawat

    Post Types

  • MaxPeerawat

    how to use with Magic Fields

  • Developer Guy

    Now what? Now all the visitors to your site will have to wait up to 10 seconds for Zemanta’s bloated API answer before they can use the Js on your page is what.

  • http://lisaldn.com LisaLDN

    I love the plugin, but can anyone tell me how to remove my theme’s (DW Minion) related posts? I can’t seem to get it right..

  • Alan WaltR

    Hi, great pluggin indeed. But I’m stuck in one issue. I would like to hide or display: none, the .wp_rp_thumbnail. How to do so?
    Thanks for the help!

  • piyushkmr

    hii zemata please help me.. your plugin showing you r image not posts image please fix it