Introducing Balloons: Free multimedia overlays for bloggers

Zemanta offers a way to easily create links within your blog posts, providing additional reading to your readers that support and extend your blog post. Today we’re introducing “Balloons“, dynamic overlays that allow any blogger or online publisher to integrate multimedia content into their pages.Balloons example

The way it works is that you use Zemanta as usually and normally insert links, lets say to Teriyaki sauce. After your post goes public, we’ll add additional icon next to it, that will allow your readers to access the information that you’re linking to without having to leave your blog.

Balloons currently brings you content from from the Creative Commons-licensed Freebase database, which includes information from sources such as YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Maps, and MusicBrainz, as well as millions of articles from Freebase contributors.

Get Balloons for your blog

To start using Balloons on your blog, go to (accessible in bottom-right corner of Zemanta widget) and turn on More info in Readers’ features section. You have to be logged-in into Zemanta Preferences to see this option.

Additional thing to note is that Balloon links will appear only when we can show a smart overlay about the link. If you link to a homepage or another type of Internet page that we don’t support, there will be no Balloon links around it.

It’s about standards and open web

The underlying code for Balloons is open source and built on the Common Tag architecture, the open tagging format developed by Zemanta, Yahoo, AdaptiveBlue, Freebase, and others. It aims to make content more connected, discoverable, and engaging. As with Common Tag, every aspect of Balloons – from its open source code base to its use of Freebase’s openly licensed content – has been designed to ensure the easy, free, and open spread of information across the web.

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