Interviews: Zemanta helps journalists and publishers

While not designing new features for Zemanta, Boštjan also takes time to talk to journalists and bloggers and answer the questions they have.

This week I’d like to highlight two recent interviews:

First one was conducted by Laura Oliver at, one of the essential sites for journalists. The conversation itself also focus on benefits for journalists.

2) Why would this be useful to a journalist?
To publish content online today means: after you write your story, you still need to add links and images, and tag it properly.
Your readers expect rich content, next generation semantic web applications require it, and we want to make it simple and fun to produce this high quality web content.
Our service utilises the power of advanced machine-learning and natural language processing algorithms, so that you don’t have to do repetitive tasks and can just be creative.

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The second interview was done by Raanan Bar-Cohen, at Publisher Blog, that is featuring tips and tools that help publishers author with WordPress. They talked about recently released WordPress plugin and why it helps publishers.

Why should bloggers use the Zemanta WordPress plugin?
It’s painless, it’s pleasant, it takes most the friction out of creating the content. The question is, why would anyone not use it?

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