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WordCamp Boston
Zemanta was one of the sponsors of the recent WordCamp in Boston. Traditionally, WordCamps, the official WordPress conferences catered to WordPress geeks and technical bloggers but that has changed. Now, everyone from new bloggers, content marketers, experienced bloggers to developers had something of interest. Most of the presentations are now online.

We had a great time meeting attendees, many of them new to Zemanta and were excited to see some of them start using the tool right there at the event, like Bruce Burger who runs the ScopeMaker blog about astrology. One of the presenters, Casie Gillette of Grasshopper also mentioned Zemanta as a great tool to get images and related articles when creating content in her presentation.

WordCamp SF – August 12-14
We are very proud to announce that we are one of the sponsors of WordCamp San Francisco that will be held next weekend. We’ll be in town most of the weekend and are looking forward to meeting our San Francisco-based users. If anyone is interested in meeting up, please let us know via Twitter. Many of the sessions are already sold out and the organizers have just announced some additional speakers, so plan accordingly!

Content Marketing World – September 6-8
We’ll also be in Cleveland, Ohio in the beginning of September for the feature-packed Content Marketing World. Here is a preview of some interesting presentations:

Recent Mentions
Last two weeks have been busy with some great mentions online. Chief Marketing Technologist blog by Scott Brinker created an amazing infographic showing one of the most complete landscapes on marketing technology and Zemanta was featured as part of the landscape.

Courtesy of Scott Brinker/Chief Marketing Technologist

SocialBrite blog mentioned Zemanta as one of the 5 WordPress plug-ins to turbo-charge your blog. Scalable Social Media blog introduced Zemanta in their “Using Zemanta to Enrich Your Blog Posts” feature.

Twittersphere has also been great to us recently with mentions from @JoshKitlas, @GenuineJack and our good friend @RandFish.


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