In The News: Boštjan back in the US AND the Wall Street Journal!

Bostjan Spetic @ BklynBr

After problems with his US visa status end of last year, Zemanta‘s founder Boštjan Špetic was finally able to return to the US earlier in the year and this week Wall Street Journal did a follow-up story on Boštjan and the visa struggles. In November, WSJ covered the issues that Boštjan encountered while trying to get his US visa extended. Although Boštjan’s situation seemed lucky where his application took only a month versus the projected year, we’re still encountering issues and now have the situation in reverse with a new hire who relocated from the US to Ljubljana.

“Right after I moved back in January, I had a guy (in the U.S.) apply for a job in Slovenia,” Spetic said. “Now we have the same problem in reverse. Basically, he has to provide them  with documentation from the FBI that he hasn’t done anything wrong in the U.S.”

More from Boštjan:

“No special powers were engaged from our end, as they have proved to have no influence before already,” he said. “Fact is that [United States Citizen and Immigration Services] is very independent and impossible to influence in any way (which is good), but has to improvise their decisions because the legislation isn’t tailored for our kind of companies. Thus, the resolution is really dependent on the person handling the application. It’s frustrating and irrational.”

We are encouraged by the renewed effort by US Senators John Kerry and Richard Luger to reintroduce the Startup Visa Act and hope that the US legislators will follow UK‘s lead which has recently introduced a startup visa of their own which went in effect in April. As a startup with a number of open job positions, any help in our ability to hire best possible candidates is greatly appreciated.

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