I Believe in the Power of Blogs: They Make Us Understand

A whole bunch of media companies have been closing access to their digital content by paywall systems. Many of them aren’t capable of illustrating issues at hand in a way that all of us would understand or for some reason they just don’t get it. I say, this is a great opportunity for bloggers to take over the role of generating public awareness.

Have you seen this interesting retro infographic that easily explains a complicated concept such as the US debt? It has been circling the Internet in the past couple of weeks. It shows everything that’s wrong with the US budget. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. I did the same for my home country and came to similar conclusions.

We, the bloggers, have done this! We’re living in the world when newspapers are especially panicky and are looking for new ways to survive in the environment where many expect great content to be free online. It’s premature to proclaim that metered paywalls will save the newspaper industry. Some quality media report success, others don’t. However, the traditional mass media online seem to be making it harder for many to access their stories. This is an opportunity bloggers should seize; not just because many don’t want to pay for information online, but also because many still don’t know how to tell compelling stories and opinions in simple and memorable ways.

Michael Ausiello
Michael Ausiello

Bloggers are publishers. And everyone can be a blogger. Moreover, many former editors, journalists and activists have already left their employer (the traditional media) and set up a lucrative blog – an alternative source of information and opinions online (for example, The Huffington Post, TV Line by Michael Ausiello, etc.).

And then there are us, opinionated individual bloggers, each with different skills: we tell stories with words, pictures, infographics, live blogging (let’s not forget live blogging during the hurricane Katrina), videos, etc. All of us together and each one individually have been gradually taking over the role of generating public awareness about issues around us. We, the bloggers, have become an indispensable source of boundless information. And each one of us uses the storytelling technique he/she is most familiar with and good at. And we are free to express ourselves as we want to. That’s why we are able to tell stories in so many different and especially creative ways and make an impact.

In the end, I’d like to stress I’m not crying the end of journalism or the mass media apocalypse. No, what I’m saying is that the blogosphere has become a very strong force; bloggers are (becoming more and more) influential and beneficial to us all. We are finally a meaningful alternative.

Do you believe that bloggers can do what traditional media for whatever reasons can’t?

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