How to: Use Zemanta to recommend articles from your own blog(s)

We’re still tracking @problogger 31 day challenge and looking for best ways to tune Zemanta to make his very useful tips even easier for you to implement. His Day 8 challenge is to Interlink Your Old Blog Posts as it has clear benefits to readers who come to your site via search engines or are looking through your archive. It also help with your SEO as you can better define important keywords for your blog posts as well as interlink related content.

To make this process easier, I’m going to show you today how to setup your Zemanta to recommend blog posts from your own blog.

1. Open Zemanta Preferences. You can find them at the bottom of Zemanta widget.

2. Make sure to register and log in into preferences, if you haven’t done that before. Note that the user name/password is not the same as for your blog so you’ll have to register.

3. Afterward click on “My Stuff” at the bottom of Preferences and you’ll see a section where you can add your own blog. Click on the big yellow RSS icon and add the blog address:

Add your blog screen

4. To make sure that the Blog is active, you’ll then have to scroll down a bit and click on “Edit list of my sources” and locate the feed that you have just added:

Edit list of my sources

5. Find your blog on the list and make sure that the checkbox is checked so that we’ll recommend stories from this blog:

Active feed

6. That’s it. Now when you write your new blog posts or edit your old ones, you can use “My Stuff” button on top of Zemanta widget to just limit the recommendations to your own feeds:

My Stuff

and you’ll get:

Related articles from my own blog

That’s it. You can add multiple feeds from your own blogs so it’s going to be even easier to tie your content together. At the moment we only know the blog posts that we’ve seen through your feed so we might not have the full history. We’re working on a mechanism to upload your archives to Zemanta.

Having a good results with linking your old posts together? Share them with us in comments.

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  • Jay

    Does anyone know if zemanta works with joomla?

  • rokp

    No, not really :)

  • zemanta

    Not really. :)

  • Weareinbound

    Does anyone know if zemanta has a software tool for rotating banners?

  • Jay

    Does any one know if Zemanta works with drupal?

  • Jay

    Hmmmmm looks like something that would come in extra handy on my blog. Great info.

  • Flinn Megal

    Zamanta is so nice and it is one thing that I can’t blog without.thank u for such a nice support n plugin for wordpress as well.

  • Telephone Fax Switch

    Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

  • Cool Mike

    I found that grabbing pictures for my post is by far the best part of this tool.

  • Dick Schaefer

    I cant seem to find Zemanta preferences, what does “at bottom of Widget” mean?

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  • Dick Schaefer

    I just discovered Zemanta after over 2000 blog posts in 30 blogs over the last four years? It’s going to be fun to see how my traffic will increase if I am able to get Zementa to recommend posts from my blogs. This should be fun!

  • Vijith

    I started using Zemanta when i started my blog. I am loving it..

  • Vijith

    I am using zemanta from the starting of my blog. I am loving it…Love zemanta

  • Ileane

    I started using the Chrome extension the other day and I’m really pleased with how this works. I don’t need to download a plugin which means I can use it on Blogger and! Thanks Zemanta. I’m your newest fan!

  • freebies

    Great stuff. will add to my blog soon.

  • doodiepants

    This is a pretty handy tool for adding relevant links and picture to your blog. I do have issues getting pictures plugged in with Zemanta going where I want them though.

  • iphone clone

    I keep getting no recent articles even though I know some stuff should be coming up.

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  • mrjyn

    i’m just trying to figure out whether zemanta or apture came first. i signed up for apture almost explicitly for the function of pulling in content from my previous 10,000 posts, and although I like the ap a great deal (and didn’t know you existed till today), the feature of my blog results does not work at all. it’s been two months and they finally gave up trying to figure out or help. apparently there is only one guy in charge of customer service named Andrew something or other, and he is just completely useless.

    so if you can assure me that your functionality with onsite resources is working for blogger, i’d happily switch.



  • sikku

    Thats great stuff out there…. I Love Zemanta…..

  • Remisson

    Zemanta is an excellent site, good search facility and interaction, where you can navigate with quality and Security.
    Congratulations to the creators and maintainers of Zemanta.

    Remisson Aniceto

  • lisi

    zamanta is adding some strange code to post so it is damaging look of my posts. how can I remove zamanta from my blogger?

  • billbennett

    This doesn’t appear to be picking up posts on my blog.

  • zackatoustra

    I’ve been eagerly waiting for the imlpemntation of this feature.

    Zemanta is, have I told you, amongst the tools of the 21st century blogging?

  • Aniruddh D

    Wow I really don’t know that we can display our own blogs

    Thanks for the Tip..

  • dannyg

    very useful tool thanks

  • Rado

    I do not know why, but now the Search option works EXCELLENT – I updated the same page of my blog.

  • Rado

    Thanks a lot, I made it.
    Question : today , whole writing new post on my blog, I got as articles a lot of pages of (my) the same blog, but no articles from another (my) blog. Should it work
    on this way? I expected only 1 article for 1 blog.

    How ever, this is great tool and I like it!!


  • Rado

    from yesterday, when I activated ‘My stuff’ (for my blogs), I do not get photos using Search.
    As I am writing in Slovenian and Portuguese, I was using ‘Search’ entering keys like ‘Ljubljana’, ‘Lisbon’ etc. and I always got some photos.

  • Rado

    OK, thanks a lot.

  • philgene

    Wowser – An unbelievable tool that links all your blogs and sites..I use it – love it!

  • himanshu

    Zamanta is awesome,no doubt it is the most powerful tool present on the planet for bloggers.

  • T@SendChocolate

    yay! So glad you did this! Seriously excited. Zemanta, you rock! Now I can promote ALL of my friends. I will spread the word!


  • Stephanie

    This is great. I’m doing the 31 Day Challenge. Thanks for providing the tips.

  • Eric Troy started working for me today. I love this feature. It follows the feed to my blog AND my “main” site.

    I didn’t know how to insert more than one image as well. I was wondering about that. Thanks.

  • SBA

    Just drag and drop, eh? Great — I was looking for something complex. LOL

  • zemanta


    to insert more than one image per post, just drag and drop them:

    As far as Flickr photos go we try to search by the tags we known. If you
    don’t have many tags or don’t use the tags we search by, we won’t find
    the photos. In this case you have to use “search” box to manually
    retrieve your own Flickr images.

    kr, jure

  • zemanta

    Rado, you have to do this from within Zemanta Widget, e.g. when you’re
    logged into your blogging platform and you’re composing a new blog post.

  • S K Jain

    Extremely Good Feature!

  • Rado

    I really do not know, what I am doing wrong – something very basically, I suppose !
    I open

    and I can not find nothing like Preferences or Zemanta Widget.

  • SBA

    I use Zemanta in nearly every article. I hope you will one day allow more than one image per post.
    As for internal linking, I didn’t realize that was the purpose of identifying your own or other blogs — thought it was using them for common license images also. thanks for the clarification — will certainly look for Zemant suggestions to supplement the WP plugin. I added my Flickr account but don’t see many (if any) of my photos — maybe they go to the bottom of the queue?

  • zemanta


    give our engine a day or two to catch with the blog. If it doesn’t work
    after a while, send your feed address to and we’ll
    give it a look.

  • Eric Troy

    This is great except it doesn’t really seem to be working. I keep getting no recent articles even though I know some stuff should be coming up. Well..I’ll give it some time. This is a great service and it’s really been a big help to me.

  • zemanta


    My stuff – just click at the bottom of Preferences and top-right of
    Zemanta Widget.

    Other languages are still planned but we need more resources to be able
    to implement them.

  • Rado

    Great solution!

    Well, I can not find “My Stuff” – LOL! Please, write link.

    Sorry to ask again – what about spanish, slovenian, portugues in Zemanta. Last year it was promissed ….

    cheers from Ljubljana

  • Mark Traphagen

    Yet another amazing blog tool from Zemanta. What will u guys do next?

  • Harsh Agrawal

    I’m in love with Zemanta.. Let me know if I can do anything to promote it on my blog.