How Losing Weight Makes Me a Better Blogger

My life seems to be a constant battle with my weight. A myriad of short lived diets, wishful thinking and daydreaming about how I should and how I could look like. Until one day I hit the gym for real, hired a great personal trainer and nutritionist. That is how I learned that losing weight isn’t only about good looks and diets. It’s about crucial changes to one’s life style. Believe it or not, losing weight is the easy part; keeping that new weight… well, let’s just say it isn’t easy at all.

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This reminds me so much of content marketing. One thing are sales and other short-term marketing activities, but if you want to succeed in the long run you should follow the rules and thousands sets of advice on how to approach and do content marketing well. Blogs are one of the tools that are available to content marketers.

This is what I learned from losing weight and changing my way of life that I’ve been successfully applying to blogging.

Define Your Goals
If you really want to lose weight, you have to define your goals. Let’s be honest, it rarely works (without at least succumbing to the Yo-yo effect) to just decide you’re going to lose some weight. Isn’t that’s why New Year’s Eve resolutions rarely come true? How much weight is feasible to lose in a desired period?

The same is with blogging. In content marketing you can’t really be successful if you don’t plan ahead, define your goals. It is one thing to decide to start a blog, another is to know what you want to achieve with it and when.

Plan Thoroughly
Making lifestyle changes doesn’t come naturally. To change your eating and exercise habits, you have to plan to make it happen. Without planning, you’re always going to be struggling – trying to figure out how to eat what you should.

The same is with blogging. You can’t just start a blog and then come up with ideas what to blog about, ad hoc. You should create an editorial calendar to avoid getting stuck or suddenly being left without ideas to write – to keep your content consistent and relevant.

Discipline Is Key to Success
Planning involves discipline, which is a key trait among those who successfully lost weight and maintained their weight loss for at least a year if not longer. It is very difficult to lose weight and keep it off. Honestly, it takes effort to be successful in long-term weight management. I was a victim of the Yo-yo effect. I believed I was ready to do it on my own. Unfortunately I soon returned to my old self. And now I am doing it all over again. I learned the hard way there is no long-term success without strict self-discipline.

The same is with blogging. It requires a good deal of discipline. You are teaching your readers when to expect new posts. Don’t disappoint them. Build a trusty relationship.

Update Regularly
I learned that it’s better to eat every three hours or so, five to six times a day, rather than once or twice (which also means much bigger portions). By doing so, I keep my metabolism running strong. In contrast, when I eat large meals at a more infrequent rate, my metabolism experiences large chunks of time when it’s not active. This has resulted in substantial weight gain.

The same is with blogging. Your blog needs readers. Your blog needs your readers to come back. But they won’t come if you don’t update regularly. However, if you post new content frequently that is timely and written in a style people enjoy, they are likely to return again and again to see what you have to say. The more frequently you publish new posts, the more new content there is for people to see and the more reason there is for people to visit again and again.

Move a Lot
Here’s the truth: you can’t lose weight and maintain weight loss if you don’t exercise regularly. Hire a personal trainer, if you can afford him. Talk to him. Exercise with him to increase the probability of your success.

The same is with blogging. You can hardly, especially in content marketing and our globalized world, blog in a vacuum. Move around the blogosphere; talk to other bloggers (leave comments on their posts), read other blogs, etc.

It is about Long-term Changes
I was/am overweight for a reason. My bad habits have been fatty food, almost no exercise and a lot of negative stress. I learned that if I wanted to lose weight and maintain my weight loss, I had to change the way I lived my life, to get rid of my bad habits.

The same is with blogging. If you want to remain and even upgrade on your success by blogging, you have to change how you do it, think about it. You can’t just start a blog and when you achieve your goals stop doing what brought you to that point. It is only the beginning.

What do you think about the analogy between weight loss and blogging? Is there any other lesson I forgot to mention? Please share.

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