Google’s Current Stance on Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has become a quite popular practice and the term itself has almost become a bit of a buzzword. All of the major blogs that cover blogging have had their chance to add their two cents as to what the essentials of guest blogging are, how you can get actual results from guest blogging, how to manage guest bloggers once you have them, or even why guest blogging is a bubble.

No matter what your opinions on guest blogging, it’s hard to deny its popularity and was really only a matter of time until Google took a stance on it. That is why everyone’s favorite Google engineer, Matt Cutts, recently released a three minute video on how Google is currently viewing guest blogging:

So there you have it, Google’s stance on guest blogging.

They are perfectly fine with counting the links if they are from guest blog posts that are above the “minimum to get by,” the content is original and if the guest blogger put a lot of time and effort into creating the blog post. Oh, and bonus points if the guest blog posts are from “high quality people.” Naturally, the question arises on how Google is going to possibly keep track of this, a point so eloquently brought up by the current top YouTube comment:

Guest Blogging YouTube Comment

I do see the point that Google is making, if guest blogging trends the way article directories did, they could have a bit of a situation on their hands. Especially for those who manage to bypass any duplicate content penalties via blog post spinning. However, for the most part, I see guest blogging as a great way to increase your reach, improve your AuthorRank, and feature diverse content from different perspectives in your industry.

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What are your thoughts on guest blogging and Matt Cutts' video on Google's stance?

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  • WordpressExamples

    I think it is just as simple as Matt states in the video: if you are a high quality writer it shouldn’t be a problem that you are guest blogging. However, you always have nerds that overdo it…

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