Defrag 2008, William Duggan, Strategic intuition

People said that Defrag 2007 was the conference of the year. That’s why I hoped to have a reason to go to Defrag 2008. Luckily I got a good excuse when I was invited to participate at one of the panels (Finding serendipitous content through context).

Eric Norlin, Defrag organizer
Eric Norlin, Defrag organizer (Tarable)

I flew in last night just early enough to catch the pre-conference dinner. Already there it became obvious this is really going to be great three days in Denver, Colorado. We had some great conversations around email, IM and social network mining with guys from SocialCast, Mailana and others.

I am just sitting through the first keynote by enthusiastic William Duggan about Strategic intuition. Talking about new combinations of existing elements to create breakthroughs and how brainstorming sessions don’t really work since we need “presence of mind” to get the insight.

And we got his book as part of the schwag for participants! Looking forward to other pleasant surprises at Defrag conf 2008. Next is Paul Kedrosky moderating a panel about information overload.

Oh and at breakfast I already met two of Zemanta very early (and dear) users: Zoli Erdos and Tac Anderson. This is a bit overwhelming, maybe I should start live blogging this.

William Duggan
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