Conferences in August 2008

Despite warm sunny days, there are still plenty of conferences where you can find us in upcoming weeks:

  • UX Week, 12-15 August, San Francisco
  • Wordcamp, 16 August, San Francisco
  • Drupalcon, 27-30 August, Szeged, Hungary

We’re also finalizing our presence at a few events in beginning of September:

We won’t be missing either at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York, Blog World Expo and a number of other events in second half of September, but that’s a topic for a later blog post.

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  • Nutrition foods

    nice article! nice site. you’re in my rss feed now 😉
    keep it up

  • mike

    If you guys are at ARS Electronica on the evening of Monday, September 8th, you should join at the / The Gap Magazine ARS After-Party.

    Monday, Sep. 8th
    Cafe Strom
    Kirchengasse 4
    Linz, Austria

    Note: Right around the corner from the ARS Center

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  • andraz

    We’d love to, but have limited time & headcount and we are rolling out new release in September.

    However we would be more than happy if someone local can present Zemanta API there, we really think it could benefit many people/companies doing the transition from classical web to knowledge-based web!

    Andraz Tori

  • Daniel Lewis

    I’m surprised that you’re not making a presence at Bristol Knowledge Unconference as well:

    It would be good to see you guys there if you could. It’s on the 5th September 2008.