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Zemanta helps you write posts. There’s some kind of magic there, but you never cared what it is, right?

Behind the scenes we do something called Natural Language Processing. Computer tries to understand your text, so it can give you images, links, related articles and tags. That understanding is thrown away after you make your picks.

But what if the understanding could be preserved? What if it could be embedded in your blog post? Then other machines (search engines, browsers, etc.) could see exactly which “objects” you are writing about? This is the vision of Semantic Web that Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the web) is preaching.

Together with other web companies (AdaptiveBlue, DERI Galway, Faviki, Freebase, Yahoo and Zigtag) we have created a standard to embed machine-readable semantic tags inside your blog posts. It is called Common Tag and it is being released today.

It uses RDFa markup to embed exact semantic information about things you link to. Currently Zemanta can insert Common Tags on following platforms: Movable Type, TypePad and Drupal. We’d love to make it work on WordPress and in the future too, but we need cooperation from their side.

As applications supporting Common Tag become more widespread your posts will be presented better inside browsers, search engines and aggregators.

You can turn it on inside your Zemanta preferences. Have fun!

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