Building Better Business Blogs (4/7): Click, Click, Who’s There?

Welcome to our newest series, Building Better Business Blogs, here we aim to give small businesses tips on how to build effective corporate blogs that lead to greater customer engagement and sales. Here is the fourth in a series of seven questions to ask yourself before you press “post”.

Does your blog have a distinct voice?

So much of the appeal of any blog is connecting to a personal voice and sensibility; a sense of connection and being in dialogue has so much to do with whether a casual reader will follow you blog, keep up with your company, and develop a lasting connection with your brand. What sort of voice suits your brand? A more serious tone that establishes you as an authority in your field? Or friendly and conversational? Different brands certainly call for different tones,  so it is important you take your time and pick wisely.

In On Writing Well, William Zinsser gives this advice for doing just that:

 “Write with respect for the English language at its best – and of readers at their best. If you’re smitten by the urge to try the breezy style, read what you’ve written aloud and see if you like the sound of your voice. Finding a voice that your readers will enjoy is largely a matter of taste. Saying that isn’t much help–taste is a quality so intangible that it can’t be defined. But we know it when we meet it.”

Mailchimp blog cap

One blog that speaks with a compelling and distinct voice is the MailChimp corporate blog, which  is written by the company’s founder Ben Chestnut along with members of the team that makes Mailchimp happen. The posts are generally written in a lighthearted and informative – yet  to-the-point — way that draws you into the inner workings of the company and the changes that are happening there daily. They do a fabulous job of engaging user concerns and celebrating the successes they and their users have had using MailChimp, making it clear that their focus is on their “wonderful customers”.

How can your corporate blog make your company’s focus clear to your readers? What stories will you tell and what voice will you use to tell them? Speak carefully.

Happy Blogging!

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