Blogger Outreach: Free Ebook

Ladies and gentlemen, here's our very first eBook. It is a detailed guide on how to build relationships with other bloggers to improve your brand. Ready to be downloaded for your use.

A blogger outreach campaign is the process of developing relationships with bloggers to offer them something of value to their audience to improve your brand. As I showed in the Everything Blogger Outreach series, blogger outreach campaigns can be organized into a set of steps and processes.

Due to your feedback and inquiries, we made our very first eBook! Introducing: Blogger Outreach Campaign: A Guide – Developing relationship with other bloggers to improve your brand.

Blogger Outreach Campaign


You’re welcome to download it, read it here or print it. And be sure to share with your friends, followers, and friends of followers. We’re positive it will help you develop great relationships with your peers and any bloggers you wish to reach out to.

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  • Petra


    thanks for bringing this to our attention – we do try to check our blog’s comments once in a while but truth be told we are more focused helping users via the support email or forums. We will try to do better in the future.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback!

  • Him Again

    Bit surprised at Zemanta these days………….
    Of course, I’m getting old (very) so miss a few things – but why haven’t you cleaned up the Website here?
    Just look at the ANCIENT unresolved comments here! :-{
    I’ve just come back to work and disappointed in trying to sort out the “How To” of Zemanta.
    Found the EBook offer and couldn’t believe that such an embarrassing error was still uncorrected AFTER 2 YEARS????

    Will be interested to see if my post here gets any attention……..

  • Frederic L. Milliken

    Zemanta for bloggers no longer opens in my blogs

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  • Nenad Senic

    Hi Jim,

    Yes, we’re aware of that. Can you email me at nenad.senic[at]zemanta[dot]com, and I’ll email you the pdf? Thanks, Nenad

  • Jim Van Wyck

    i would like to download your blogger outreach book, but it seems Scribd requires me to subscribe in order to download it…. ??? not what I thought….

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  • Zach Eberhart

    Of course :)

  • Zach Eberhart

    Thanks for reading!

  • ismailunal

    Very nice of you. I hope Zemanta will support other languages soon.

  • ismailunal

    Adnan Zemanta sadece ?ngilizce bloglar için uyumlu.

    Adnan Zemanta is just for English blogs at the moment.

  • Edy Jo


  • Nenad

    Merhaba Adnan. Unfortunately none of us reads Turkish. Can we ask you for English translation. Te?ekkür ederim.

  • amailuk

    impressive info, was worth the read.

  • Zach Eberhart

    Thanks, glad you like it! If you get a chance, come back and let us know how it went :)

  • adnan güney

    Bir sorun var. Buras? yeri de?il belki. Bloglar?mda yaz? ile ilgili etiketler ç?km?yor.Farkl? etiketler ön planda görülüyor.Zemanta bunu düzeltile bilir mi ?

  • adnan güney

    Merhaba E-Book okunmuyor.Yaz?lar kaym?? ve translate yok.
    Çal??ma için te?ekkürler

  • MabZ ZiCLe

    cool and thanks by the way…i hope i can boost my blog’s traffic and readership.