The Rise of Content Ads

Here is a video of a talk I gave at a Digiday Summit this spring talking about the rise of content ads.  For those of you who are not familiar, content ads fall under the umbrella of native ads and are ads that use content as the ad.  In this talk, I cover the following […]

Zemanta how-to-blog-better guidelines

We at Zemanta like to think, you know, just like everybody else, that there are some good bloggers and some, well, not that good bloggers. Let’s face it, some of them are horrible and everybody knows who they are. But it takes a lot of hard work & dedication to be a really good blogger, […]

Ready to publish?

Your text is polished and WordPress Related posts plugin is activated to take care of automatically adding related posts from your blog to your post. You’re done and ready to publish, but are you really? Don’t hit the Publish button just yet – take a look at the following checklist first and then publish like […]

I’ve installed WordPress Related Posts plugin, now what?

Write. Want to attract readers to your blog? Provide them with something worth reading. Blogging is a process of endless researching and editing, because writing a good story takes time and effort, but don’t overthink it. Most bloggers have to deal with challenges of how to create quality content, create enough of it, make it […]

Startup crawl 2014

The 2nd Startup Crawl is taking place next Friday, on the 21st of March, in Ljubljana. Zemanta  proudly participates in it and is thus opening three time slots, each for up to 30 pre-registered attendees. We strongly encourage you to do so ASAP — over here! So… what’s a Startup Crawl? same as a pub […]

Search Everything for WordPress Reborn, Now With Writing Helper

Every blog needs good search functionality. Visitors want to find content they desire, and the blogger needs to find their own posts when linking. Search Everything is the most reliable and efficient search plugin for It extends WordPress’ default search engine so that you can find more types of content. You can control which custom taxonomies, attachments, types of comments, etc. that the plugin […]