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We are upgrading our service today with some usability improvements for related articles. The changes include:

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  • improved accuracy of recommendations
  • related articles preview snippets with highlighted keywords
  • nofollow option
  • promoted content partners

Overall accuracy of recommendations should be further improved and many new feeds from our users were added. You will recognize them by little [HUMAN] icon next to them.

Most important part of the release is, that you will now be able to preview short snippets of recommended articles, with matching keywords highlighted, just like you are used to see in regular search engines.

This will make it easier to decide whether they are relevant for your readers or not. We still encourage you to click trough to the original pages and read them first, but the snippet will at least give you better first impression on what the article covers.

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Next, to give you more  control over how the links are published we added an option to the preferences where you can enable ‘rel=”nofollow‘ on all Zemanta recommended links. This is a signal to your readers and the search engines that you don’t endorse the links you publish.

And lastly, recommendations from some content partners will now show up as ‘promoted’, which indicates they are paying to be part of the content pool. This applies to in-text link and related articles sources.

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They are in no other way preferred over other sources and only show up when they are contextually relevant. We are experimenting with this feature, expecting it to expand and improve our content offering.

We are always happy to hear any feedback, comments and help with any problems on our getsatisfaction forum or via e-mail at

Happy blogging!

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