August release: Crunchbase integration, LiveWriter support and improved performance

Summer is usually time to take a bit of time off and reflect on how you are doing. We took this chance to dig deep into our code and algorithms to spend extra time on fixing all the little mistakes that we made down the road to have a much more stable and faster release. We’ve fixed things across all the supported platforms.

Live Writer support

But that’s not the only thing we did, we’re happy to announce Microsoft LiveWriter support! For now as early technological preview, but it should be enough to give you a test of where we’re going and to tell us what we missed. Download it from Zemanta LiveWriter download page.

Zemanta Live Writer plugin
Zemanta Live Writer plugin

CrunchBase integration

Furthermore, we also started to integrate new databases. This month we’re adding CrunchBase, a free directory of technology companies, people, and investors. So when you’ll be writing about some new startup that got you excited, we’ll now have a link to CrunchBase for more in-depth information. Respective logo’s of companies and images of people will also show up in the Gallery.

Zemanta now also knows Crunchbase links and company and founders images
Zemanta now also knows Crunchbase links and company and founders images

Amazon Enhancements

We’re making two important changes in our Amazon integration. Firstly we’ll start suggesting book covers of books that we also find hyperlinks in the text. The book covers images will have your Amazon affiliate id inside.

Secondly, we’re changing default behaviour of affiliate ID. We’ll insert Zemanta affiliate id if you don’t have one set. If you don’t like this you can set your own (we won’t touch existing set id’s) or opt-out in preferences (and set it to no affiliate id).

Amazon book cover suggestion
Amazon book cover suggestion

We’ll be issuing update through the usual update channel for your platform.

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  • james

    more links on typepad please not just 10 or whatever it is

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  • fry

    @dare: your comment on my blog was “just testing” or something similar so when i saw it in the moderation queue i deleted it manually. no reason to have testing comments on a blog, right? :)

  • Pancho

    Thanks for yor response. I’ll keep waiting. It’ll be a very welcome feature.

  • James

    I really like this tool but, like Sire, I would like to be able to choose my own keywords for image and article searching since I often find none of the images or articles suggested have no relation to the main point of the article. I tend to use Scribefire to create blog enteries from other web pages so that might be affecting the results but it would be nice to chose which keywords I want to be used.

  • andraz

    @dare: hmm can’t see any non-approved comments. Maybe it got classified as spam?

    @steven: You can choose:, or just posting a blog post on your blog, we’ll notice it :)

    @ismabera: Thanks, we are trying hard!

    @pancho, @ismabera: Other languages are currently not on the roadmap for immediate future. Naturally if strong business case for Spanish comes up, we will be happy to consider it.

    @sire: Well, that would take away part of the magic :). But we are thinking about how to improve the experience all the time and we are working non-stop to provide better and better suggestions.

    @John: Thanks, spread the word :)

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • ismabera

    ups! sorry for mistakes – I didn’t use glasses – lol.

  • ismabera

    ZEMANTA is better and better – GREAT, guys!
    Yep, spanish and slovene ZEmanta should be first ‘language’ upgrade, than portugues ….

    When I write my blog in slovene language, I het unrelevant suggestions for photos and also keywords are sometimes unrelevant.
    I suggest, that Zemanta should offer us photos only, when we write in english 8and than other ‘zemanta languages’.

  • John Pash

    This is quite possible THE most useful plugin I’ve come across. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    The image development sounds interesting – I really like the Zemanta tool – keep up the good work!

  • Sire

    It would also be good if we could select our own keywords for zemanta to find pictures etc for rather than haphazardly picking words from a post.

  • Steven Mills


    No error now. Thanks for the quick response.

    From my perspective, Live Writer support was an absolute must and at this point looks good. Will be giving it a serious workout over the next few days.


    Is a comment the best way to report or is there a more appropriate route?

  • dare

    I wrote a comment here and it was awaiting approval, but now it’s gone?
    I don’t think deleted it (at least i can’t imagine why you’d want to do that)… But the same thing happened yesterday on one of your guys’ blog (friedcell). Any idea what’s going on?

  • Pancho

    Hi! Are you planning to release Zemanta in spanish?

  • Andraz Tori


    We have now fixed this issue, you should just restart Live Writer and everything should work.

    Can you please confirm if it works for you?

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • dare


    i like the progress of Zemanta even though I’m not a real user (writing in slovene and all).

    But CrunchBase integration!? You’re either
    a) consciously trying hard to cater to the web 2.0 early adopter crowd
    b) out of touch with reality thinking that writing about new startups is an important part of the general blogosphere

    I hope it’s the first :). But still you might find more productive uses of your time integrating more general sources (e.g. movie & book databases)

  • Steven Mills

    After installing the Windows Live plugin, I get a script error when I open Windows Live.

    It references line 2551 and the error is:

    ‘null’ is not null or not an object

    FWIW I’m on Vista and using the latest build of Live Writer.

  • Marc

    thats great news. i cant wait to try them out :)

  • Jure Cuhalev

    Thomas, we’re working on it :) Please give us another month, we have something really cool in development.

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

  • thomas clancy

    while i am very fond of this app., i am particularly frustrated by the inability of it to insert more than one referenced image to blog entries. when you select another image it replaces the one previously set. has this been fixed or is there any plan to add it?

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