A Blog Is Like a Print Magazine: So Spice It Up!

Bloggers, you are publishers who think like a publisher, whether you are aware of this or not. You’re basically writing your own magazine. So, to increase traffic to your blog, spice it up with multimedia.

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Your blog is like a print magazine. (Photo credit: Longzero)

“Websites have all begun to look the same and need to start looking more like print media,” said Mike McCue, the founder of Flipboard, the popular social media magazine iPad app. I would add that both, websites (blogs) and print media, have been trying to emulate each other lately: websites more and more resemble print magazines – rich in regularly updated content that is designed similarly to how we browse and read magazines; some (especially customer) print magazines are looking for ways to include multimedia on the paper, to make reading a magazine an interactive experience.

A customer magazine Virgin Media Magazine by Virgin Media is the latest example of spicing up paper with interactive multimedia. The magazine is accompanied by a downloadable augmented reality and image recognition app for Android or iPhones, Blippar, which customers can use to scan images in the magazine to access exclusive video content and bring the opening section of the magazine alive. On the other hand, check out blogs you’ve been reading and the blog(s) you’ve been writing. They are corporate or personal publications that to some limit follow the rules of the print media. Indeed, research shows that adding a photo to your blog, for example, considerably increases its traffic. (This is not only the case with photos. For example, as a former radio journalist I am especially drawn to Coppyblogger – it includes “radio shows”, i.e. audio recordings.)

Some blogs are like press agencies linking to other sources online they think we should read (check Zemanta’s own Bostjan’s personal blog; it is a blog that reblogs others as well as it is his own personal information repository). Others are like column pages in print mags or newspapers, third resemble print magazines.

Therefore, if you want your personal/corporate blog to be read even more, and who doesn’t, then spice it up with multimedia. I am a self-taught blogger; what I know about computers and the Internet is what I taught myself, mostly by trial and error. But thankfully, the software development makes our lives so much easier. I don’t need to be a computer geek (in a positive sense of course) to be able to add photos, links, videos, and/or audio recordings to my blog. Others have been making this easy for us (including Zemanta).

Basically, you can do anything you imagine. By writing a blog, you’re already a publisher. Just think of your favorite magazine and add stuff you’d normally find there. This is how you will build a long-term relationship with your readers and increase traffic to your blog. So, just do it. And enjoy the ride.

Do you see blogs the way I see them, too? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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