50 Most Memorable Blogging Tips from Zemanta in 2012

In 2012, Zemanta has published more than 180 posts so far. The beginning of the end of the year (or perhaps the world) is a great opportunity to remind you of great blogging tips from this year's posts.

blogging tips from zemanta

50 of the Best Blogging Tips from 2012:

  1. Time on blog and pages per visit increase when you start using images.
  2. Linking out to relevant content you cite or quote on your blog is a great way to get noticed by those sources and build an audience.
  3. Reblogging adds more value and brings more credibility to you and your blog than retweeting.
  4. Every business blog should have a conversion plan.
  5. Blogging helps archive information you will sooner or later need again.
  6. Blogging is a perfect opportunity to polish your storytelling skills.
  7. There’s a direct correlation between blog post frequency and new customers acquired.
  8. Bloggers are an indispensable source of boundless information.
  9. Give easyXDM (Cross-Domain Messaging) a try.
  10. Spice up your blog with multimedia.
  11. Blogging beats advertising as highest ROI for online marketing.
  12. Deep links help boost domain authority and improve SEO.
  13. Deep links breathe life into older content that may otherwise be forgotten.
  14. Longer posts are more likely to convert readers into your believers, evangelists.
  15. A blog should be a multi-party conversation.
  16. There’s nothing worse than a blog without an opinion.
  17. At least from time to time stop doing what everyone else is doing.
  18. Blog is like an ecosystem; know it well and it will have a long prosperous life.
  19. Bloggers must know their community really well; they must fall in love with their readers.
  20. A great blog comment starts with a point made by the author and expands on it, challenges it, or applies it to a different situation.
  21. Authors and commenters frequently ask questions, hoping that someone in the community has a reliable answer. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills.
  22. In content marketing you can’t really be successful if you don’t plan ahead, define your goals.
  23. Images make things sexier.
  24. Pay attention to comments left on your blog.
  25. Make sure the information from your blog is distributed online and offline as much as possible.
  26. Realize that not all your posts will be popular, praised and shared.
  27. Shorten the time you’d otherwise have for dreaming about the perfect post.
  28. The audience, your readers make you a blogger.
  29. Make an editorial calendar to help you plan content.
  30. Regularly observe how your blog is consumed and adapt accordingly.
  31. Quality comments continue/contribute to a conversation.
  32. Guest blogging on the right blog may significantly increase your visibility and bring new readers to your blog.
  33. Headlines should be as long as they need to be to tickle curiosity.
  34. Write a compelling headline but deliver the quality content.
  35. There’s nothing wrong with being personal or vulnerable.
  36. When writer’s block hits, look to Twitter, which can be a great resource for coming up with new things to write about.
  37. You’ll find most corporate blog ideas among the people you work with, especially among those who have direct contact with customers.
  38. Your company should set up an internal blog.
  39. See your posts as dots on a continuous line on a graph, as a planned storyline.
  40. Never hit “publish”, always “schedule”.
  41. It takes more than just great relevant content to steadily increase traffic to your blog and boost your business.
  42. Being persistent and consistent signals more than passion; it signals belief – a recipe for a successful blog.
  43. Offline promotion has been proven to be beneficial for bloggers.
  44. Don’t discount the possibility of getting large spikes of traffic from old blog posts weeks or even months after you actively promoted them.
  45. Bloggers should be active on Quora.
  46. Link Love is the way you should roll.
  47. Think of your blog as a niche news site.
  48. A dash of humor will make your blog less detached and more inspiring.
  49. Anyone who blogs for business needs a content marketing mission statement – an answer to WHY.
  50. Business blogging positively attracts traffic to your website and considerably affects your lead goals.
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Which one do you remember the most? Which post this year did you find especially helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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