4 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Quora

Bloggers should be active on Quora; it’s how you can additionally increase the flow of traffic to your blog and consequently boost your business, and it’s how you may get ideas for your next blog posts and thus never stare blank at your screen wondering what to write about next.

Why Bloggers Should Use Quora
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Quora is an online forum that aggregates questions and answers to specific topics. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers. The forum is organized by people and their interests so everybody can find, collect, and share the information most valuable to each and every individual.

I see Quora as a type of blogging. A blogger’s potential reader has a question and the blogger answers that question. This is exactly what blogging is supposed to be, especially blogging for a brand. Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion is one who says frankly that blogging should be answering the questions your readers/buyers ask you. This is exactly what Quora is all about.

When someone wants to know more about something, Quora delivers them answers and content from people who share their interests and people who have first-hand knowledge. Aren’t we, the bloggers, just that? We try to share ideas, influence public opinion, get feedback on our thoughts, and earn reputation. And to do this we must create great content and get distribution of it to a target audience.

Why bloggers should use Quora:

1. It’s where you’ll find potential readers
My experience is that Quora users are people who have something relevant to say and seek relevant answers to their questions. Each question page aims to become the best resource for anyone with that same question. Therefore, Quora is a perfect place to “recruit” new readers for your blog who may eventually become your customers. On Quora, answered questions get exposed in the feed to people following that topic which leads to distribution and exposure to new people.

2. It’s where you can increase your credibility
By being active on Quora and leaving useful answers on the forum, you increase your own credibility. Quora reminds me of conversation as much as blogs do. By being active on this online forum you contribute to the conversation and spread the knowledge, share what you know with those who’d like to know.

3. It’s where you establish yourself as expert voice
The aforementioned may make you an expert voice on a topic in the long run. You may even become a domain expert, which will additionally increase the flow of traffic to your blog and consequently boost your business. Just imagine! If you’re the one who gives the best and most relevant answers to questions about the topic you’re an expert in, you may become the trusted source of information and knowledge on that topic.

4. It’s where you find what topics are worth pursuing
Quora is full of questions and answers. It’s a perfect way to look for your next blog post ideas; especially if you’re an active participant of a debate that arose out of a question. When the debate is mature enough, it’s time to write a post about the topic, maybe even a series of related posts on the same topic. Besides, you’ve spent enough time on this topic to be able to write a thoughtful and relevant blog post on it. Moreover, Quora tells you what topics are worth tackling, by letting you know what people think are good questions.

Do you see online forums like Quora as a type of blogging? What other reasons would you add to the above four why bloggers should be active on Quora?

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